“you’re a dirty girl, a really dirty girl, zombie”

This website is a big work in progress!

OKAY HERE’S THE MOST important things that you need to know about me:

-im 16 !!
-Pansexual aromantic
- she/her, thing/things and pop/popself
-host of a system
-depressed and axnious
-im a Zombie
-im very very sensitive
-attention seeking Whore [not proud of it tho]
-retarded faggot
-popcorn addict
-intelligent, high iq
-irl yuno gasai [not a delusion]

I like a lot, so this is gonna be a long list:


-DEFTONES !! ☆☆☆ -Red hot chili peppers☆
-old weezer☆ -nirvana☆
-Alice in chains☆ -soundgarden☆
-Audioslave☆ -temple of the dog
-blink 182☆ -highly suspect☆
-linkin park -old fall out boy
-get scared -nickelback☆
-Doja cat -mars Argo☆
-old Taylor swift -early 2000s pop
-three days grace☆ -falling in reverse
-stone temple pilots☆ -the smashing pumpkins☆
-Rebzyyx☆ -Ayesha Erotica☆
-Metallica -Eminem☆ -green day☆
-tool -breaking Benjamin
-old halestorm -system of a down☆
-badflower☆ -the offspring☆
-Pearl Jam -bush -godsmack
-avenged sevenfold☆-rage against the machine☆
-a perfect circle -babes in toyland
-and a ton of random songs by different artists that would take too long to list


-Making Fiends ☆
-Mirai Nikki: the future diary ☆
-Angel beats
-SPACE !!! ☆☆☆
-webcore ☆
-South Park ☆☆☆
-mcyt [not the gross kind]
-minecraft ☆☆☆
-Milo and the magpies
-early 2000s late 90s Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon cartoons
-adult animation
-camp camp ☆
-astronomy / astrology
-early 2000s aesthetics

[Ones with many stars are my absolute favorites, so keep in mind that I am extremely protective of them and may get upset if you talk about them to me without me bringing them up first.]